Back in the day, when I wanted to make 
some print ads and didn't know any art 
director, I started to learn Photoshop. 
Then I noticed people actually did case 
studies for their ideas, so I started to 
learn Premiere Pro. And now I just can't 
live without image & video editing on a 
daily basis. I'd say I love learning stuff 
that help me create other stuff. And dogs, 
I especially love dogs (got 8 of them). 

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Copywriter at (WPP)
When: 2019 - Currently
Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Work with: Jeep and Ram Trucks (FCA)
Learnings: As a Jeep & Ram exclusive writer,
working 2 days a week from the client's office 
(FCA building), I've got the chance to be a 
'brand's specialist' and to understand the 
client's process in a way that wouldn't be 
possible if I only worked from the agency.

Freelance Copywriter at Grupo Sal
When: 2019 (3 months)
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Worked with: HSM (main executive 
education system in Brazil)
Learnings: As a mix of an ad agency and 
a video production company, I worked on 
a daily basis with plenty of designers and
motion graphics professionals, developing
a huge amount of content for all social
media platforms with top notch animations.

Copywriter at Geometry Global (WPP)
When: 2017 - 2019 (2,5 years)
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Worked with: Coca-Cola, Fanta, GSK, Globo
News, Jack Link's, RIOgaleao Airport and others.
Learnings: As a multinational activation
and commerce driven agency, I used to daily
work according to global brand strategies
(mainly Coke's global and national campaigns).
I've also learnt that, in addition to being
creative, an idea also should drive conversion.


The Side Show Shortlist for 
Business/Product category

Top 10 Finalist - Most Awarded
Copywriters in Rio de Janeiro 
(Rogerio Steinberg Prize)

El Ojo de Iberoamerica
Shortlist for Design 

Wave Festival Bronze for Design

silver for Brand Event and
Bronze for Design

Colunistas Rio Grand Prix 
for Design,Gold for Brand Event 
and Bronze for Brand Activation


One Show Bronze Pencil
at the Young Ones contest

at student competition

shortlist at student competition

1st Place at Copywriting Student
Competition - ALAP (Latin American
Advertising Association)